Storytelling / Branding / Visual communication


The core and main focus of Littlecountry is storytelling. In our eyes nothing can compare to a well written story. We strive to push the boundaries of storytelling, be it through text, visuals or audio.. or why not all three combined? We are always keen on helping those in need of help with communication, design and identity.


Everything that ever existed had a story to tell and it is our job to find it and tell the world about it.

Since the dawn of time, mankind has had an urge to tell stories as a way of passing on knowledge and remembering events. It has been our way to learn and grow as species. Without ways of storytelling, we would be very limited in means of education, communication and information. In this modern day and age we are bombarded daily with information that we get blind to the story behind it. Let us help you get through all the noise and find what makes you unique, let us tell your story.


A brand is only as strong as its reputation. It can take years to build up, only to be ruined in hours if not careful.

The art of branding can be seen as very complicated to get right. Your brand is never going to be what you think about it, but rather what your customers and clients think about it. They are the ones who define the strength of the brand. We help you create something unique, strong and meaningful for them to remember. Something that radiates your vision and story, to make it truly a part of yourselves.


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