Creative process


Preparation & Planning / Production / Delivery & Evaluation


Before any project starts, we want to get to know you and your brand.

We want to get to know you, who you are, where you are from, where you want to be. Evaluating these things will improve and define our work together with you. By getting to know the people behind the company and brand, we can find certain details and catch moments that makes a great story. To prepare for a longer project or to make sure we get all the details needed, we often hold workshops with focus on getting all the information you otherwise couldn't give us. We look deep within to find the magic of each and every story. Once we have all the relevant info we plan the project and give you estimations and an offer tailored to your specifications, case and timeframe. Your story matters!


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Based on the story you want to tell and communicate, we tailor the projects to fit your needs. We redefine the meaning of storytelling and make the projects come alive. The production phase is where the magic happens, and you will be the main star of the journey.


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When all previous steps are completed and approved by you, we proudly hand over the final look and feel of it. After the project has been delivered we will follow up on the it and you get your chance of giving us feedback and thoughts. This is a very imporant step for us to continue to develop and grow. The story never ends.